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Main Gallery

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Gallery 1:


 The ancient Egyptians believed that cats had the ability to interact in the realm of the spirit world and the power to ward off the presence of evil spirits. Gallery 1 is for all who believe in the mystical and protective powers of cats. If you are a cat lover and would like the hand-painted image of your pet incorporated into a custom-made Talking Board please contact me with your request.  

SCOOTIEBOARD.JPG (54684 bytes)

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Gallery 2:


As a fan of the WB hit TV show "Charmed", I was inspired to make the boards displayed in Gallery 2.  Each board is scroll-cut to resemble a cross-cut section of a tree and no two boards are exactly alike. I like to incorporate the powerful protective symbols of the "triquettra" and "pentagram" on these boards.


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Gallery 3:


Gallery 3 consists of some of the most diverse and creative boards that I have made to-date. You'll find bizarre boards featuring anything from evil clown themes to Celtic  and Egyptian themes. If you're looking for a Talking Board that's totally different check these out!

CLOWNBOARD.JPG (56347 bytes)CLOWNCLOSEUPC.JPG (44168 bytes)

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Gallery 4:


All of the Talking Board's I create and sell come with a unique, hand-crafted, wooden planchette (indicator).  Gallery 4 contains different designs of planchettes that I've created.       


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